Mar 14, 2012

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What “INK” had to say

What “INK” had to say
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Who he is: Gregory Crainshaw, 25, customer relations manager for Heart of America Window Cleaning

How long he’s done it: Two and half years in this position, but he was practically born with a brass (squeegee) blade in his hand.

Window-free view: Crainshaw’s office, on this cloudy day, is a breathtaking but knee-buckling 28 stories high atop the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 1301 Wyandotte. His grandfather, Lon Crainshaw, never went as high as this.

It was just grandpa and a ladder when he founded the business in 1946. Flash forward to 2011 and Crainshaw’s dad is president and his older brother, Gary Crainshaw II, is operations manager for a multi-crew company that cleans dozens of condominiums, hotels and other sky-high businesses around town.

Hanging tough: Gregory Chainshaw bids jobs and supervises cleaning projects from the roof.

During the busy season (now), he’ll even do some Spidey-like “hanging” by harness, ropes and chair to wash windows. Most hangers are between 160 and 170 pounds. Crainshaw falls into that range, and considered becoming a personal fitness trainer before graduating with a public relations degree from Park University. During a class project, he realized he wanted to get into the family biz.

“It’s not just window cleaning,” he said. “There’s a sense of pride in a completed job. It’s an art form.”

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